3 on Thursday

I loved all the travel I’ve been doing, but I’m really happy to be back in NYC and living a normal life. True, I have to travel across the country in less than two weeks, but I’m enjoying this brief moment of calm. To that end, I’m trying not to overplan myself right now so I can take advantage of the opportunity to relax. That’s why the only thing on the schedule this weekend is the major UGA/Notre Dame game. This is a very big deal in the Neudeck household.

Immediately after returning from Greece, I turned right back around to go to England for my company’s annual summit. It was quite the experience bringing together 160 people from across the globe for some glamping and team bonding. Having never been to England, I was a little bummed not to see London (we were about 3 hours away in a town called Norfolk in Norwich), but I really enjoyed getting a glimpse of the English countryside, which is beautiful. We stayed in tents, but the house on the property was a stunner.

I actually ate healthy while I was gone, but there’s something about eating every meal out for 2 weeks that makes you feel sluggish. On Sunday, I started getting back to a routine and the number one step was cooking my own meals (number two was working out). We had a big salad and some grilled pork chops. I immediately felt like a real person again.

There are soooo many amazing new products at Trader Joe’s right now. Lots of it is pumpkin related (I admit, I got cookie mix and pumpkin butter, just two of the 55 pumpkiny products), but there are tons of other good items. How cute are these fall leaf tortilla chips?! I also tried chocolate hummus and was shocked to discover I liked it, everything bagel yogurt dip (delish, of course), a a new sour version of my favorite – Scandinavian Swimmers. I really hope those aren’t seasonal.