Nachos with Cheese Sauce

I was using basic ingredients for my nachos (I literally just used everything I’d set out for Taco Tuesday) so I decided to take it up a notch by making an actual cheese sauce instead of simply topping with shredded cheese and melting in the oven. But don’t worry, I did that too.

Three stages of cheese sauce making

Start by prepping all your other nacho ingredients. You’ve gotta have tortilla chips, obviously. Next, brown up some meat with taco seasoning – I used ground turkey. Other toppings I used were avocado (diced small), sautéed peppers and onions, pickled jalapeños, salsa, and sour cream that I mixed with some chili lime seasoning.

All the fixins
Before going in the oven

Finally, for the cheese sauce, melt 1 tbsp of butter with 1 tbsp of flour and whisk for just over a minute. Add 1/2 c of milk and whisk while it comes to a simmer. When it’s thick enough to coat a spoon, turn off the heat and add shredded cheese blend, one handful at a time, til it reaches the right consistency. Sprinkle in some cayenne and you’re done. FYI – when mine seemed a bit too thick, I simply added in some extra milk, bit by bit.

Finished product

Assemble all your nachos on a baking sheet, but take care to do it in layers. Don’t just put 45 chips down and load on all the toppings. That’s a sure way to leave some chips topping-less. Put down, say, 15 chips then toppings, then 15 more chips. You get the idea. Using a cheese sauce took these homemade nachos to restaurant level. I love how it gets the chips just a bit soggy, but then also using fresh shredded cheese gives you that great cheese pull you look for in a nacho. Discovering how easy it was to make a cheese sauce is going to be dangerous….