Book Review: The High Tide Club

My Mom sent me this book because every woman in my parents’ office told her I just haaaaad to read it. I had never before read anything by Mary Kay Andrews, but know she’s beloved in the area where I grew up. I always thought her books would be a bit too light and fluffy for me – and yes, this was definitely a beach read – but I found it thoroughly enjoyable.

Josephine Bettendorf Warwick is in her 90s, ridden with cancer, and living on a tiny island off the coast of Georgia that she owns. She has looped in Brooke Trappnell to help prepare her estate before she kicks the bucket. She also wants to make amends to those she feels she’s wronged – the members of the High Tide Club, her best friends from the ’40s. Brooke assembles the heirs of these women and, once they are gathered on the island, learns that Josephine was a woman of many secrets.

Did I figure out most of the plot twists? Sure. Was it still an engaging and fun read? Yup. My biggest qualm: I looooved recognizing Savannah/island landmarks and “fictional” characters but have to point out a glaring mistake. The narrator mentions the beautiful memory of graduating Savannah Country Day in her cap and gown, but I’m here to tell you that could never have happened. We Country Day kids graduate in wedding dresses and white dinner jackets.

3.5 out of 5.