Book Review: American Royals

I didn’t realize Katharine McGee wrote this book when I picked it up. All I knew was that it was a fun YA novel that the world seemed to be loving. But it makes sense because it shares a lot with the Thousandth Floor trilogy McGee penned.

Like those other books, this feels very much like Gossip Girl set in an alternate reality. In American Royals, we see a 2019 where the US has a royal family – this is a world where George Washington was named king and not president after America won the Revolutionary War. We meet Princess Beatrice, next to inherit the crown, her twin siblings, Samantha and Jeff, and their friends/frenemies, Nina and Daphne. They deal with paparazzi, responsibility, college, and first love. It’s juicy, and I gobbled it up. Read the whole thing in one day.

Very much looking forward to devouring the other books that will eventually flesh out this series.

4 out of 5 stars.