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I happened to not only be in LA on National Taco Day, but in DTLA aka taco central. I decided it was my duty to take myself on a bit of a taco tour. I had intended 3-4 stops, but after I got suckered into both an app and dessert at stop #1, I only made it to two places.

The second stop, Senoratown, gave me a pretty perfect street taco. And considering I live in Spanish Harlem, I know a thing or two about street tacos. The menu is small – simple is best here – so I ordered the hero of the menu: the costilla (grilled steak) taco. The flour tortilla was thin but sturdy and the beef was perfectly charred. The salsa and hot sauce had just the right kick. Grilled green onion? Yes please.

Senoratown serves up tacos most traditionally seen in Colorado. I typically think of skiing when I hear “Colorado,” but I think taco may now be first to mind.

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