Little Ada

Like all food halls, the best thing about Time Out Market is that it offers the opportunity to try all sorts of popular restaurants that you wouldn’t normally get to. On our recent visit, we tried Little Ada, the sister to Fort Greene’s Miss Ada.

While the main restaurant serves all sorts of Israeli food, the focus at this stall is on hummus. But that doesn’t mean it’s simple. They have several variations and we tried the chicken shwarma variety. Instead of being served inside a sandwich, the shwarma was placed on top of a huge pile of super smooth hummus with fluffy pita on the side. Normally, chicken shwarma is spiced and dry, but this was super tender – almost braised – and served with a really nice sauce.

Tons of flavor and some good vegetarian options make this food stall a solid one. I also like that it’s a way to get street food flavor in sit-down dish. This was a great way to turn hummus into a full meal, but I personally think it’s best eaten as a one-notch-up appetizer before moving onto another stall in the food hall for your main course.