I didn’t realize our office would be closed for Veterans Day until the last minute, so I unexpectedly have a short week this week. That said, it’s a very busy one! I have a few after work events followed by a fully packed weekend. In truth, one of the most major events (a wedding on Saturday) completely slipped my mind so I just rush ordered a few dresses because I had nothing to wear. Fingers crossed one of them fits.

With no plans on Thursday and gorgeous weather, we decided to head to DUMBO on a foodie adventure. After stuffing our bellies, we decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge to go back into Manhattan. My beau had never done it, and it’s definitely a bucket list experience so I’m glad I got to be there when he finally did.

The weekend was actually full of spontaneous experiences! On Saturday, we took a wine class rather spur of the moment. While the class itself wasn’t great, I loved doing something a bit different, and we made our own fun (always easier when wine is involved). After the class we went home to watch the UGA and Notre Dame games and decided to invite Shawn and Kathleen over. Kathleen’s shower (originally planned for that day) had to be rescheduled so it was really nice to still hang out with them.

On Monday, a group of UGA’s Redcoat marching band came to New York and performed at the famous Apollo theater. They performed like at a traditional game with the rest of the band playing in Sandford Stadium and live streamed back to us. While they performed, we were able to walk around the theater – even get on stage! – which is probably the coolest way to experience such an iconic space. I’m ashamed to admit I had never been inside the Apollo, which is shameful, considering how close I now live. It certainly won’t be the last time I visit the space though!