Book Review: Nothing to See Here

Madison (super rich) and Lillian (pretty poor) meet at boarding school, oddly become best friends, and remain in touch even after Lillian is kicked out of school after freshman year. They stay connected but live wildly separate lives until Madison reaches out to Lillian – out of the blue – and asks for help with her new stepkids. You see, when the kids get upset, they have this habit of bursting into flames. Considering Madison’s husband’s political aspirations, this is…problematic. Soon, Lillian has moved into Madison’s guest house and is taking care of these twin fire children, trying to understand them and helping them find their sense of family as she tries to find her own.

I have to say, while everyone loved The Family Fang, I thought it was just ok. This book by the same author, however, was much more my style. It has the quirkiness that won Wilson fans (hello, children bursting into flames!) but manages to make the characters more likable and relatable, which is wild, given the magical realism of it all.

3.75 out of 5 stars.

Pair with: Margarita on the rocks with salt and a BLT.