Book Review: The Family Fang

Annie and Buster Fang grew up as part of their parents strange performance art.  As soon as they could, they busted out of their childhood homes and tried to forge their own paths as an actress and writer, respectively.  Turns out, being forced to participate in weird performances didn’t train them to lead normal, well adjusted lives.  When things start falling apart they both decide to move back in with their parents while they piece them back together.  They seem to be managing until their parents suddenly disappear and Annie and Buster try to figure out if it is just another crazy work of art or if they could actually be dead.

I liked seeing Annie and Buster come to terms with how much their childhood scarred them.  I also enjoyed witnessing such a strong bond between siblings, especially when they’re not same-sex siblings.  I only wish I was more invested in the characters.  I didn’t know enough about them to really love and root for them.

3 out of 5 stars.

family fang