3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites


Another busy week. This time, Tuesday was my only free evening so I made sure to soak it in. Cooked some tacos, got some laundry done, and tidied up the apartment. I don’t mind being so busy this week, though, because part of the running around is because my parents are here! They arrived yesterday for a work trip, but starting tomorrow they’re all mineeeee.

I am alllll about making meat and cheese plates – in fact, I think I have a knack for it – but my beau took on the duties this week and was very proud of the pre-made platter he discovered at the grocery store. Appetizer platters of any kind seem to just make us so happy.

We had a surprise 40th birthday party to attend on Friday, followed by a wedding on Saturday. The best part is that they were both local so I was able to shimmy on home at bed time and still take my Saturday morning workout class.

I am currently way overscheduled, but it’s very hard to say no and apparently everyone wants to hang out right now. Last night I went to a trendy restaurant for a work dinner, tonight I’m *finally* going to Tim Ho Wan, and Monday (I know – MONDAY) I met up with an old coworker at Flower Shop, a bar that’s long been on my list. I only had a glass of happy hour wine, but it’s got a very cool vibe so I’d like to go back, imbibe some more, and check out the food.

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