Updated Mexican Rice with Corn

I’ve blogged about making Mexican rice before, and that was easy…but this one is somehow even easier while being packed with more fun ingredients. How can that be?! Well, read on…

First, cook some rice. Any kind of rice works. While it’s cooking, I warmed up some frozen corn in a pan and set aside. When it’s done, stir in some salsa. You don’t need a ton – several tablespoons for one rice cooker cup of rice. For this, just use some basic ass salsa from a jar. I’m talking Old El Paso, Newman’s Own (I love Newmie), or even Tostito’s brand. Next, stir in your corn + salt and spoon into a serving bowl. Top the mixture with shredded cheese and sliced scallions, then cover with tin foil so the cheese melts on top.

This really hit the spot for a Taco Tuesday side dish. You can add other toppings, like sour cream, and I wouldn’t be mad at you at all. This also serves as a great base for a taco/burrito bowl, which is exactly what I packed myself for lunch the next day.