Posting on this blog has been sporadic at best with work, Grand Jury Duty, and the holidays. But I’m back, baby! While I loved having some time off, I’m loving getting back into a routine.

Part of that routine was Taco Tuesday + TV. The tacos this week were simple, but it was lovely to be able to participate in one of our favorite traditions that took a week or two off due to the holidays. While “This Is Us” may have been on hiatus, we got to enjoy our tacos with two tv specials: Jeopardy Greatest of All Time and Dave Chapelle’s Mark Twain Award.

My company treated us to a welcome back lunch yesterday! That definitely made it easier to slide into work again.

Brit, Jourdan, and I have been trying to get dinner on the books for a couple of weeks and finally made it happen last night. We went to Boqueria – an oldie but a goodie – and ordered the meat and cheese plate to start, naturally. Don’t you just love that pan con tomate?!