Motel Morris

I’ve wanted to check out Motel Morris for quite some time – I had a feeling their vibe would suit me. And guess what…IT DID. It’s like Palm Springs in the middle of Chelsea. I live for it.

Aside from the decor (which you need to check out – especially the pink bathroom), the food is solid. I went for brunch but think it would be great for dinner too. The menu covers a bit of everything, but it usually comes back to classic American dishes. The daily special is usually something like meatloaf, fried chicken, or chicken pot pie. If it ain’t broke…

For brunch, Rebekah and I both chose something that pulled from some of that global inspo. She went with huevos rancheros, and I got the breakfast fried rice. She cleaned her plate which actually looked, dare I say it, pretty (not easy to do with huevos rancheros). My meal was great – and not just because it’s something you don’t see on the menu every day. I switched my egg from fried to poached because I thought it might make for a better sauce that way. I loved the way it mixed with the sriracha. The kimchi gave it a nice punch and the bacon made it hearty. The server warned me I didn’t need to add protein, and he was right; this was plenty.

From the food to the decor, Motel Morris is what I’d call upscale retro. I’d personally like to live my entire life as a person described as “upscale retro.” But upscale doesn’t mean formal – since most of the food is rooted in comfort classics, it feels somewhat casual and classic.