Best Purchases of 2019

The best use of my moolah

  • ASMR Videos
    • What It Is: ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It basically means that soothing, tingly feeling you get from your head down your back when you see or hear something nice. You know how you feel when you hear nails against a chalkboard? Yea, it’s the opposite of that. On YouTube, you can find tonsss of videos of people simply sitting in front of a mic, making sounds that elicit this feeling. It sounds creepy – and in some videos, it definitely is – but some of them are really cool. My favorites are all by ASMR Glow.
    • How Much It Costs: Free
    • Why It’s Awesome: I’ve found that some of these videos are really helpful in getting me to fall asleep.
  • Non-stick Ceramic Pan
    • What It Is: Ceramic non-stick skillet
    • How Much It Costs: $24
    • Why It’s Awesome: Previously, I cooked with crummy non-stick pans. The starter set, if you will. When we got married and moved to a new place, we upgraded to copper bottom ones and I loved them. That said, I am now a firm believer that everyone should have one good non-stick pan. There is a time and place for regular pans. As someone who had always used exclusively nonstick, I was astonished to see how deglazing really works in a “real” pan. 90% of the time, I want to use these pans. But for cooking things like eggs or frozen cauliflower gnocchi, a non-stick skillet is key.
  • Hoop Earrings
    • What It Is: Hoops from Urban Outfitters
    • How Much It Costs: $18
    • Why It’s Awesome: I’ve never really owned hoops, though I’m not sure why. They go with absolutely everything and, based on the size/width, can really change the look of an outfit. I love how these are definitely bigger than huggies (about an inch in diameter) but because they’re whisper thin they don’t upstage the outfit. In fact, I’ve found that they make any outfit. they go with ev.er.y.thing. and work with hair up or down.
  • Loungewear
    • What It Is: Specifically, loungewear from Aerie – sweatpants, cardigans, etc.
    • How Much It Costs: There’s always a sale.
    • Why It’s Awesome: I want to feel like I changed out of pjs. This year, I made an effort to buy pajamas as sets/outfits so i feel put together – I’m not just wearing men’s pajama pants and a sorority T-shirt anymore. As cute as they may be, I feel grubby staying in the same set alllll Sunday. It all of a sudden feels weird getting back into bed in the same clothes you wore all day on the couch. And even if I’m running directly across the street to the bodega, I need to put on a liiittle something more presentable. Also, some of my pj sets are skimpier, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable if a guest stops by out of the blue. Finally, they’re perfect for traveling. Basically, I recognize I feel better when even my loungewear is put together…and this is the the best spot to get it.
  • Art Maisons Oia Castle – Cave Pool Suite
    • What It Is: The rooms at this Santorini hotel each come with a private pool and stunning balcony views.
    • How Much It Costs: Starting at around $640/night, rates change based on the season.
    • Why It’s Awesome: This was truly a luxurious hotel experience that made our vacation actually feel like a vacation. On a trip – and in a destination – where you actually spend time in your hotel (and most trips are not like that for us), it’s worth it to splurge on a hotel like this…and also important that you figure out a way to use points so doing it isn’t stressful.
  • Wall Calendar from Artifact Uprising
    • What It Is: Though meant for the wall, we hung this on out fridge with the help of a magnetic hook I found on Amazon.
    • How Much It Costs: With taxes and shipping it came to under $60. (I made sure to use a promo code.)
    • Why It’s Awesome: We’re both pretty busy and noticed we were starting to double book/overbook. Seeing everything planned out like this is super helpful. It also gave us the opportunity to look at our whole year from a bird’s eye view and do some annual planning, I love the look of Artifact Uprising’s products and this is no exception. Getting to look at our Greece photos every day is an extra bonus.

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