3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites


Last week was the first real one back at work and it felt soooo strange. I honestly didn’t know what day was what so I’m enjoying the feeling of falling into a regular flow this week. The weekends are also finding their stride. I spent this past one doing very very little. You might think that’s a shame because it was 65 degrees in NYC in January and I should take advantage of that; however, I think it was the first Saturday I had with zero plans since early October and I wanted to take advantage of that. I spent all of Saturday reading on the couch, watching some good tv, and ordering sushi. It was glorious. I did make it outside on Sunday and also made it to the gym, kickstarting a new workout routine. Combined with a low key movie night on Friday (complete with killer cheese plate), this past weekend was totally reinvigorating. The upcoming weekend is much busier, but now I feel ready to take on all those plans and know I’ll enjoy them that much more.

I had a meeting in Midtown this week, which meant I walked through Grand Central. I’ve lived here for years and years, yet that place is still beautiful to me.

Over the weekend, my beau surprised me with a Weekender subscription to the New York Times after I told him my New Years Resolutions. I love that he’s helping me achieve my goals (even little ones like this) and also love curling up with this iconic paper as part of my routine. I cant wait to get my next issue in a couple days.

I just started a new book [about a true legend] that I was lucky enough to receive as a gift. It’s so nice reading about the history of my neighborhood while I commute from there. All the nostalgia. Also, I am loving how I’m tearing through books. I just missed my 2019 book goal and I’m determined to hit it in 2020. As far as challenges go, the process of finishing this one is quite fun.

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