No big plans after work this week, which is great because last week felt very busy in the office. Most exciting is my trip to DC tomorrow morning for Liz’s birthday!

On Saturday night, Rebekah and I went to see “Moulin Rouge” on Broadway. It is probably the most fun show currently on Broadway – the music will make you want to get up and dance. The plot/dialogue is weak (just like the movie it is based on), but the sets and costumes are incredible. I admit I didn’t really like the movie (it was beautiful and, in concept, great, but I found myself bored between songs), but I really enjoyed this show…it’s just not life-changing, know what I mean?

A task rabbit came over on Saturday to hang some shelves and I painting. I’m so happy with the outcome. The shelves, while busy, mean that I could clear off the window sill, which had become cluttered with photos and other random items. I am by no means a minimalist, but I like things to look clean and intentional. Having lots of stuff is fine, but I don’t like it to look cluttered. Between a recent kitchen organization and these shelves, things are looking more like they have a place and less like I have to tidy up. I am also so glad to have the painting now hanging behind the couch. My go-to souvenir when traveling is always artwork, and I picked up this piece in Greece. That wall is quite large and it felt empty and unfinished…until now!

I needed a new notebook so I popped into Muji to pick one up, along with some pens. Am I the last one to the Muji party?! It’s so soothing in there. It’s got Scandi minimalism and Japanese zen. It’s amazing in there.