Book Review: Dear Edward

Energy is high as everyone rushes through the airport and boards a flight from New York to LA. Soon, 191 of those people will be dead when the plane crashes and leaves but one survivor. One young boy boards as Eddie, but when he wakes up in the hospital, orphaned to his aunt and uncle, he is Edward. The new mature name fits the maturity that has suddenly been thrust upon him.

The book follows Edward in the subsequent years as he tries to find himself in his new life. It also flashes back to the flight itself to offer glimpses into the lives and emotions of the other passengers. There’s a douchy finance guy, a newly pregnant and anxious ridden young woman, an alluring flight attendant, an injured soldier, and others, each going through their own things. This book reminds us that everybody has a story and asks what does healing look like?

4 out of 5 stars

Pair with: Hot tea and a muffin – nourishing for the soul and body.