Mediterranean Chicken Sausage Quinoa Bowl

Two Sundays ago, I made grain bowls for supper and my beau commented how much he enjoyed the meal. “Good,” I said, “because we’re having another grain bowl on Wednesday.” The first was made with random items I found in the pantry/freezer, but this one was far more intentional and had a definite Mediterranean vibe.

Start by cooking a batch of quinoa. While it’s cooking, roast some cauliflower with oil and whatever seasoning you have on hand. Those two items should be done around the same time, probably about 25 minutes. When your quinoa/cauliflower is almost done, sauté a package of sliced chicken sausage in a pan til it’s warmed through (I used the sundried tomato variety). For the finishing touches, crumble in some feta and drizzle with Trader Joe’s zhoug sauce.

My dining companion thought the zhoug sauce was a bit too spicy, but I loved the zip it offered. If you’re sensitive to spice, maybe mix some of the zhoug sauce into Greek yogurt. That way you get the creaminess of a dressing/sauce AND the garlic cilantro cumin flavor you crave without harming your taste buds. Overall, this is a very healthy meal and feels like an intro to Mediterranean flavors. And let me tell you, feta and zhoug sauce add a TON of flavor with so little effort.