After a trip to DC over the weekend and a work trip to LA next week, I’ve decided this week should be a bit calmer. I’m hoping for a movie night tomorrow and my beau has something up his sleeve for Saturday. Otherwise, I’m planning to spend this week working out, reading, and eating at home.

I didn’t love this book, but I do love a nice long train ride where I get uninterrupted reading/Netflix time. Even though I was traveling with a friend, we spent about half the return trip doing our own things and it was nice to have some time with my own thoughts after being surrounded by people every moment of the weekend.

I was disappointed there was no This Is Us this week, but Taco Tuesday moved forward as usual. My beau spent the weekend in Miami for the Super Bowl and didn’t get back til Monday. Even though he was home for Supper on Monday night, his head was all sorts of jumbled after a long crazy weekend. It was really nice to get back to normal on Tuesday.

While I was strolling through Trader Joe’s, I realized it had been a little while since I last had fresh flowers in the house. I love to get new ones every week or two and had been slacking. It’s nice to have something bright and fresh in the living room again.