Flourless Almond Butter Cookies

As someone who’s not a baker, I was immediately drawn to this seemingly fool-proof flourless almond butter cookie recipe that calls for just 5 ingredients (most of which I already had at home).

This were so easy to throw together. You’ll need some elbow grease because that almond butter can be tough to stir. And stirring is pretty much all you have to do for this recipe, which is just almond butter (I used the honey flavored version), brown sugar, vanilla, a single egg, and some salt – all mixed together and baked at 350 for 15-18 minutes. I didn’t add any mix-ins (I wanted to make sure the cookies themselves worked) but will definitely add some extra fun flavah next time.

Before and after, shown above.

The recipe doesn’t make too many so I would either double it for a crowd or make a single recipe and eat on day one. I think because there’s no flour, by day two they can get a bit chewy. Next time I’ll experiment with some mix-ins. I think coconut would work really well, as would butterscotch chips, or (naturally) chocolate chunks. These are like peanut butter cookies but with a much more subtle flavor. I feel like that makes them a crowd pleaser. And it’s such an easy recipe, which makes it a Tess pleaser.