I love a short work week! This has been a weird one at the office with a couple of organizational changes shifting the vibe. I’m thinking things will settle in a bit, but there will be an adjustment period. After spending half the week/weekend in LA, this weekend will be a local one.

With Monday off work for President’s Day, we spent the day on an adventure. We walked from our apartment to a restaurant on the UWS I’d been dying to try (Mama’s Too – it lived up to the hype). From there, we walked to the Museum of Natural History (my beau’s first time there!) and strolled the exhibits. Finally, we went to Trader Joe’s so we could have a home cooked meal that night. We walked about 6.5 miles! I’m always a summertime gal, but as far as winter weather goes, Monday’s was perfect. It wasn’t too cold to be outside and enjoy it. And it’s always great to take advantage of the city on a day like that.

Taco Tuesday featured on Mirepoix again? Yup. Albert brought home tons of fresh chorizo from the butcher and I whipped up some delightful tacos. He ate 8 of them, so I’m pretty sure they were a success.

How cute is Ruth?! Pups like this make our office such a fun place. She looks like she’s ready to record her own podcast!