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Joan’s on Third

If you’ve heard anything about LA restaurants, you’ve probably heard of Joan‘s on Third. It’s right up there with Squirl and Gjelina when it comes to beloved basic b spots. Luckily, there is a second location near my friend Rachel’s house so we were able to stop by for a pre-brunch coffee and snack before the Sunday rush descended upon the cafe.

We both got lattes and then split two pastries. Rachel was a big fan of the scone, but I was partial to the banana muffin. Everything was tasty and a great way to start the morning. I saw so many people popping in after a run or for a seemingly traditional weekend meal with the kids. I imagine I’d do the same weekly if I lived in the area.

What’s cool about this spot is that it’s got a little of everything. There’s a full coffee bar, brunchy options like pancakes and breakfast burritos, and tons of gorgeous prepared foods. I’ll tell you what: if I was hosting a dinner party, I’d come here, get a couple salads and a full meatloaf, and call it a day. The whole place feels like it could be in the Hamptons. Very Barefoot Contessa. And we all know I love Queen Ina.

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