Book Review: Topics of Conversation

Topics of conversations is a collection of just that: conversations. It wasn’t until about halfway through that I was sure all conversations center around the same narrator. The matters discussed in each chat take place at such different points in her life that it’s hard to be sure you’re reading about the same person. And perhaps that’s the beauty of it. How our lives shift – who we find attractive, what we want out of a career, what we need out of friendships – so drastically at each stage.

The problem is that I hated the narrator. I didn’t like her when she considers cheating on her husband. I didn’t like her air of superiority in every conversation she had with a friend. I didn’t like that she never supported anyone else. I was fed up with her and all her inaction. I love the idea: all the conversations occur between women (or between the narrator and herself) giving us unique and unapologetic insight into the female perspective. But I just couldn’t stand the person at the center of these conversations.

2 out of 5 stars. I appreciated it, but the narrator was far too unlikeable for me.

Pair with: A basic beer that’s starting to go flat.