Mama’s Too

When Mama’s Too opened, people went crazy. Every food blogger/’grammer was obsessed. Celebs like Jessica Seinfeld weighed in. And in the two years it’s been open, the craze hasn’t died down at all. Lines are still out the door, but I’m here to tell you it’s worth it.

The pizza changes daily – and throughout the day – so you choose your order based on what they’ve got in the case. We tried caramelized onion & mushroom, cacio e pepe, margharita, and sausage & peppers. We were hoping for some pepperoni (so we could do two meat/two veg varieties), but the person in front of us snagged the last slice and if we waited for more to come out, we would have been required to go back to the end of the line.

We grabbed our pizza to go and sat on a park bench in the middle of a median on Broadway. Each one was better than the last. I caught myself saying “no this one, this one is my favorite” with every bit. Whether you’re going with a unique pizza or a traditional one, they’re all incredible. Regardless of style, it is absolutely some of the best pizza in the city – top 3 without a doubt. And if you like Detroit style pizza, this is an absolute MUST. It’s on 106 and Broadway and 1000% worth the trip uptown if that’s what’s holding you back.