With my trip to Austin for SxSW cancelled due to the coronavirus, I feel like a world of possibility has opened up. My beau is traveling for work so I have a couple nights to myself and I’ve been filling them with some fun activities. I also made some light plans with friends on Saturday. I was a bit stressed about the month of March being SO packed so the extra freedom is kinda nice (even though I had been dying to experience Austin for the first time).

Kathleen received a gorgeous pair of gold hoops as her push present and I fell in love with them. I’ve never been a hoop wearer, though not for any specific reason. Kat inspired me to change that because, as she said, they’re so versatile. Mine are nowhere near as nice as hers – I found them in a boutique for a mere $20 last week – but I’ve been wearing them so much that I may one day invest.

We spent this weekend hitting up the kiddie birthday party circuit in Connecticut. It was nice being a part of so many family celebrations. Ive learned hosting a 1st birthday party at a brewery may be the best way to go! Also, I promise Delaney was super happy at her party, I just love her fave here.

Last night I attended a cool event hosted by Girls at Library (GAL). In celebration of Women’s History Month, the brand for lit lovers hosted an evening of cocktails, music, and book swapping. I admit, I almost left right after I arrived because it seemed people showed up with friends and I was there all alone. It was kinda tough to mingle. I’m glad I stayed, though, because the mini panel they hosted was super interesting and I shagged a great book for myself.