Crispy Chicken Tacos

It was time once again to mix it up a bit on Taco Tuesday. I took some inspiration from my familiar Southern flavors and came up with this crispy number.

Start by making your crispy chicken. Using flour, beaten egg, and panko, bread chicken tenders and cook them in a 425 oven. Feel free to flavor the panko crumbs with garlic salt and onion salt. I did. I actually cut my tenders into even smaller/thinner pieces so they only needed 15 minutes in the oven (flipping halfway through). 15 minutes is exactly enough time to get your toppings together. I wilted some greens down with olive oil and paprika. Collards, baby kale, and spinach all work . (Or, in my case, I used a package that combined all three.) I also made some hot honey by stirring hot sauce into honey and microwaving it for a few seconds so it’s extra easy to drizzle and soak into the chicken. You can buy hot honey…this is easier. To assemble, top a warm tortilla with a slice of munster cheese so it starts to melt, then add in your chicken, greens, and a drizzle of honey.

I wouldn’t call this my masterpiece, mostly because it didn’t really neeeed to be taco. I think it might be best served as a wrap sandwich (rolled up burrito style) that’s then pressed. That tweak is ever so slight, but I think it would make a big difference. Fully enveloping the chicken with greens, honey, and cheese would help it from drying out. This chicken wasn’t dry at all, but when you’ve got breading and tortillas that’s just a bunch of dry textures. Know what I mean? The flavors, though, work. Fried chicken, greens, and honey – we know these things work together. Adding some spice to the honey and the creaminess of a versatile cheese like munster just makes this an ideal combo. Not sure why nobody thought to put these items together in a sandwich, I’ll never know.