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Margarita Pie

This pie is everything you love about a margarita. Yes, even the tequila. (Especially the tequila.)

I’m pretty sure it’s essentially a key lime pie with the addition of tequila and Triple Sec. Only, it uses regular limes instead of key limes. It is so ridiculously easy to throw together, just follow this recipe. Basically, you make graham cracker crust (even easier than I realized) and fill it with a mix of sweetened condensed milk, juice/zest of a bunch of limes, egg yolks, tequila, and triple sec.

You legit taste the tequila in this. Am I 100% sure the alcohol bakes out? No. Am I concerned? Nope. I love the custard texture and how simple it is to prepare. This is the ultimate Cinco de Mayo treat – and since we could very well still be dealing with COVID-19 by then, it may be good to keep this in your back pocket.

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