Buttermilk Quick Bread

I recently used buttermilk in a pie recipe but had at least a cup and a half leftover. I considered making a dressing with it but knew that would still result in a lot going to waste before I could eat it. It always helps make mashed potatoes better…but that would only use a fraction of my leftovers and, besides, I didn’t have taters on any upcoming menus. But then this article from The Kitchn fell into my inbox and it was kismet! Buttermilk quick bread would be the ideal way to use up my remaining buttermilk and give me the opportunity to try my hand at something new.

Once your ingredients are assembled, this takes about 3 minutes to prep. And there aren’t many ingredients, just flour, sugar, salt, baking soda, baking powder, an egg, butter, and the buttermilk. I always base the simplicity of a recipe on my ability to recall the ingredients without actually referencing the recipe itself. I’m writing this two days later and I remembered all that off the top of my head. Once everything is mixed together, it goes in a 350 oven for a mere 15 minutes. So basically, all you need is 20 minutes – 20 MINUTES! – and you can make bread from scratch.

We all know I’m not a baker so trust me when I say this is virtually fool proof. It tasted soooo good warm with some butter. Yum. I didn’t attempt any of the variations this go round because, frankly, I didn’t trust it would be this simple. I didn’t want to waste extra ingredients in an attempt to get all fancy if it wasn’t going to work. Now that I know it does work, I’d love to try some other versions. Maybe some cheese and herbs, like gruyere and thyme, to go savory. Or maybe swirl in some apple butter for a sweeter spin. The options seem endless, which is why I feel like I may end up making this once a week, waistline be damned.