It’s happened. We’ve arrived at the point where this quarantine really feels like the new normal. The end is not in sight. Recognizing that has me feeling a bit blue this week and also anxious about the what this will mean financially. But I’m also extremely optimistic by nature so the bulk of my focus has been on finding some fun in the middle of all this.

I loved seeing this coloring page in this weekend’s NY Times. Most of my friends are parents and they’re constantly looking for new activities for their kids. My favorite Italian restaurant has also put out a call for people to send drawings of rainbows that they’re printing out and taping to the windows of their restaurant. It’s some colorful hope in a time of anxiety!

I’ve been trying to think of ways to keep things interesting and trick myself into forgetting that I’m staying in the same place all day every day. On Saturday, I hosted an intimate dinner party for my beau at the city’s hottest new restaurant, Our Living Room. I slipped an invite under his home office door letting him know the theme and that cocktail attire was expected. We all know I love a good theme and this one was Bouncing Around Europe. We started in Austria with some grüner veltliner before heading to Italy for a burrata caprese with truffle oil and pink himalayan salt. After that, we hopped to France for soupe à l’onion, followed by Spain for patatas bravas with smoked paprika aioli, and then England for sirloin with horseradish sauce. The final stop on our European vacation was Sweden for a dessert of Swedish fish. We lit candles, played records, and went through a few rounds of Table Topics conversation cards. It was tons of fun to plan and served as a great distraction.

I’m not a big breakfast person but since my commute to work is so short, I have the time to make coffee and a bit of breakfast. It feels kinda luxurious!