Gifting: Decoded – for the COVID Cautious

Many people remain very cautious during the pandemic, myself included. And if you’re unsure how seriously someone is observing social distancing, I’d say err on the side of homebody. All the holiday gifts in this year’s guide recognize that the recipient is likely spending a lot of time stuck at home.

  1. I’m a big fan of experiences as gifts so I love the idea of a virtual wine tasting. In Good Taste organizes really fun classes that you can join. Each box comes with 8 wines and costs $65, so for $150, you can enjoy an evening of vino with a friend, even if you’re not in the room with them yourself.
  2. Puzzles became super popular during lock-down…for good reason. They occupied me for hours on end and kept me from going crazy. I like the ones sold on Whiled.
  3. Many people discovered a newfound love for baking during quarantine. Give them a new oven mitt so they can lean into their new hobby. Bonus points for stuffing it with other baking supplies like a cute spatula, a fun cookie cutter, and sprinkles.
  4. Brother Vellies’ cloud socks became suuuuper popular during quarantine. When you’re stuck on the couch all day, you might as well feel extra cozy, right? I really wanted to try them out and see if they were worth the hype but couldn’t bring myself to spend $35 on a pair of socks that nobody else would even see. But that’s what makes them the perfect gift – it’s something your friend probably won’t buy for herself. (Note: I’d recommend giving these to your trendy friend – my Mom, for instance, would never realize what a big deal these socks were and would be all “Great. My daughter gave me the most boring looking socks.” and stuff them in the back of a drawer.)
  5. Quarantine AND seasonal depression? Yikes. Plants have been scientifically proven to lift the mood so it might be time to send your friend a plant. The Sill makes it very easy to order beautiful, pre-potted plants right to your door. I say go with something particularly easy to take care of, like this snake plant. The last thing you want to do is get someone a plant they kill straight away…then they’ll really be depressed.
  6. I know a lot of people have been trying to learn a language during lockdown and these playing cards could help. They’re also good if you’re playing a lot of Solitaire. Womp womp.
  7. Early on, when we were in very serious quarantine mode, I worked hard to keep things interesting by creating “excursions” without leaving our home. My favorite was this Bouncing Around Europe Date Night. Since traveling feels like a distant memory with little hope of ramping up soon, someone is bound to appreciate being able to experience a different country through a box of goodies like this Taste of Peru.
  8. It can still feel iffy going to a salon, but many gals don’t feel like themselves without a mani. Avoid stress altogether my doing dip powder manicures at home with one of these kits.