Classy Hamburger Helper

I may not have eaten Hamburger Helper growing up, but I certainly would have if it looked or tasted anything like this cheeseburger skillet.

Again, I’m cooking in quarantine conditions so I couldn’t follow this recipe exactly. I didn’t have as much onion as it called for and was using shallots anyway, and my mushrooms were jarred, not fresh, but overall it came out great. Because my ingredients were slightly off, I had to drain the sauce just a bit, but the flavor was sooo good. Basically, you sauté chopped onion, garlic, and mushrooms til softened then set aside. In the same pan, brown ground beef. Once the meat is cooked, add the veggies back in and stir in a mix of chicken broth and flour (a little more than a cup of broth and about 2.5 tbs. of flour). Let it simmer away til it reduces then add 2 oz of cream cheese and 2 oz of swiss cheese. Salt it up and serve like a sloppy joe (what we did) or over egg noodles. Honestly, this saucy meat is good just shoveled in your mouth with a fork.

If you use reduced fat cream cheese, it’s not terrible for you. And if you do this with ground turkey, it’s really not terrible for you. I don’t usually think of comfort food as something that can be made in a skillet – that’s crockpot and casserole country – but this was super comforting.