Book Review: Daring Greatly

My office recently started a book club (featuring business-y books) and this was the first pick. I will fully admit, this is not my preferred genre. I enjoy non-fiction and business books when based in psychology, but this veers a bit into the self help category, which isn’t usually my jam. Here, Brené Brown delves into the idea of vulnerability: how it’s tied to shame, how we numb ourselves so we don’t feel it, and how we can leverage it to forge connections that will strengthen our work, families, and self-worth.

Overall, I really enjoyed the message in this book. Brown makes some wonderful points and, at times, I felt enlightened. There were several moments when I thought “oo I really hope I can remember to put this into practice when I have kids.” I get why Brown is so popular – why her TED Talk went viral – she’s conversational and makes these ideas accessible. She says “shit,” and references Harry Potter without dumbing things down. Brown is a researcher at her core and I only wish there were a few more moments where she grounded the concepts/theories in specific things she learned. I really enjoyed the moments where she listed out the actual responses she received in her research, while some of the other sections felt a bit abstract to me.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

Pair with: Red Zinger Herbal Tea