How-to Tuesday: Giving Back During the Pandemic

I’ve been on a constant back and forth ride when it comes to supporting businesses during this crisis. On the one [more important] hand, it’s vital we do everything we can to help keep small businesses afloat and assist individuals who have lost their source of income. On the other hand, I am overwhelmed by the sheer number of businesses that need help. Where do I start?! I can get over that hurdle (I can’t help all my favorite restaurants/boutiques, but helping some is better than helping none), but the biggest thing standing in my way of giving back is my own financial uncertainty. I am still, thankfully, employed in full but the number of friends who have lost their jobs is staggering. Sure, I’m fine now, but I’m terrified of the day my luck will run out and I’m stressed about how to pay my mortgage. That said, while I still have a job and am in a position to help, here are the ways I’ve been giving back. I’m being conservative when it comes to charity (because, like I said, I’m so scared of the day the economic crisis will reach me personally), but it’s true when they say every little bit helps, so here’s my little bit, along with my thought process that may be helpful to those who are also trying to figure out the best way to give back.

  • Zoom Call for Charity: I recently participated in a Zoom call that was basically like the happy hours I’ve been having with friends. On this one, however, a celeb joined our chat. I paid $30 and all money went straight to the celeb’s charity, which is offering meals to nurses serving on the front lines in the ERs and ICUs of hospitals. I paid through Venmo, and since I had an existing balance, this was a contribution I didn’t even feel.
  • Friday Night Takeout: I recommend cooking most meals, but on Friday [and sometimes Saturday] nights, I’m ordering delivery/takeout to help keep my favorite neighborhood spots up and running. Many are offering great deals as incentive. Our fave local pizza place is giving a free margherita pizza with every bottle of wine purchased. The wine may be pricier than one purchased from a wine shop, but we would definitely be buying wine somewhere and the total cost evens out when the pizza’s free.
  • Become a Supporter on Patreon: I feel lost without my weekly 305 Fitness classes! For me, it’s just my sanity that suffers but for the instructors, it’s a loss of income while the studios are closes. All of the DJs and instructors have set up Patreon pages so you can pay for bonus content or just show them a little love. Supporting 3 or 4 instructors for a whole month costs the same as just ONE class in the studio.
  • Text a Donation During a Live, Televised Concert: Plenty of musicians have been replacing awards shows (like the iHeart Radio Awards or Garth Brooks/Tricia Yearwood) with live concerts that the individual performers tape in their homes. Of course, all broadcasts include a text code/number so you can send a donation to COVID relief straight from your phone while you enjoy the music.
  • Buy Product from Your Favorite Restaurant: Many of your fave restaurants have secondary revenue streams. I may not be able to go to La Guelaguetza for a meal, but I was able to order a set of their mole.