This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but who even knows what day it is anymore anyway?! Much harder to me than quarantine is Passover. Those dietary restrictions are ROUGH. Since I don’t keep kosher at all during the rest of the year it’s less the lack of bread I find difficult and more the inability to eat meat and dairy in the same meal. Thankfully, the holiday ends at sundown last night and I enjoyed an incredible Italian meal that broke all the kosher rules.

I would much prefer gummy candy over chocolate as my sweet treat for dessert, but I ran out and decided to make some matzah toffee with what I had on hand. Sprinkles on the outside bit, pecans and sea salt in the middle. It only took a few minutes, but it definitely helped sustain me through this holiday.

I’m just like everyone else. I started a TikTok. I”m too old for it and can only figure out half of the fun effects, but I’m enjoying myself and loving all the creativity.

I’m upping my workout game. I was working out regularly but not as hard so I decided to step it up a bit. I’m trying to do at least a 20 minute run at the beginning of my workout and good thing about running outdoors is the lovely spring scenery – I love peeping the brownstones in my neighborhood.