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Fried Spiced Almonds

Blanched almonds are…boring, especially when compared to marcona almonds. As Albert embarked on his grocery run, I requested the makings of a cheese plate, including marcona almonds, but blanched is what I got. I knew there had to be something I could do to make them a bit more exciting so I googled a bit and discovered they could be fried. Because I hadn’t planned on making these, I didn’t have the ingredients used in any of the recipes I found so I worked on the fly.

Start by warming some olive oil in a pan with a clove or two of garlic and any herbs – I used dried thyme. You know how you peel garlic by smashing it with the side of a knife? Do that. It’ll kinda crush/open up the clove so it can release extra flavor while keeping it all in one piece. Once the oil is nice and fragrant, add in a couple handfuls of blanched almonds. Sauté the almonds, stirring constantly, until they start to brown. Turn out the almonds on a paper towel to drain and add course salt. Once they cool, they’re ready to eat!

Albie said “ya know, these are a really good bar snack,” and he’s right. It’s like bar nuts, but elevated. The texture changes a bit once they’re fried so they’ve got those buttery vibes you love in marcona almonds at a fraction of the price. And there are so many ways you can make these! Rosemary would be delicious. Maybe a bit of lemon peel in the oil? Go spicy with cayenne…maybe use some smoked paprika. Or tossing with just a bit of truffle salt or truffle oil when they come off the stove would be great.

HOT TIP: This is something very easy you can do to impress company. You know, when you’re allowed to have company again when all this coronavirus nonsense is over.

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