Work has been pretty busy this week so it’s taking my mind off the fact that I can no longer even attempt a guess as to when this quarantine will end.

I invested in an inexpensive coffee grinder so we could keep ourselves in good coffee. I use a French press which means I need course ground coffee that I normally pick up from our local coffee shop…which is no longer open. With a grinder, I can order whole beans from Amazon or a particular favorite retailer and enjoy delicious coffee without sacrificing the French press flavor I love.

The 7 pm cheers are still going strong. I was on a run this week during cheer time and it felt like I was in a marathon. I know the cheers aren’t for me, but it brightened my evening just hearing the strength of support in our city. Our building has posted this sign in the window so people can see our support all day long.

We’ve been rationing the wine we brought back from our Italian honeymoon but figured now was a good time to open one of the few remaining bottles. Now that every day is starting to feel the same, doing something like this helps make an evening feel special.