Gifting: Decoded – 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Our 3rd anniversary was a bit more subdued than celebrations of years past since we’re quarantined. There was no fancy dinner, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t celebrate!

The traditional 3rd anniversary gift is leather and I’m lucky there are plenty of leather goods that can be shipped straight to the apartment. For my beau, I decided to go with a wallet because his was looking very ratty. I found a nice one by John Varvatos at Bloomingdales – done! For my gift, Albert got me a lovely leather bound journal so I can take notes for my writing – I absolutely love it!

One of the best things about leather is that it can be monogrammed. Albert’s gift was extra thoughtful because it was emblazoned with my initials. I was tempted to monogram his wallet but was too nervous he would want to exchange for a different style – turns out he started using it immediately!

Neither of these ideas up your alley? Here are some other leather items that are good for gifting:

  • My original idea was a pair of custom shoes, like a pair from Bondeno or Undandy. I still love this idea but part of the fun is the experience, and I have no idea when we’ll be able to design in person. Undandy is a great digital custom option at significantly lower price point; however, I was still very concerned about not spending so much this year, given the economy’s uncertainty and the fact that I spent several hundred dollars on the photo album I do for our anniversary each year. Consider this idea filed away for another time – leather anniversary or not, this will likely be a gift one day in the future!
  • A catchall like this feels very manly – a great spot for your beau to drop his keys/moneyclip at the end of the day.
  • A keychain like this could be personalized with your wedding date, a cute message, or important coordinates.
  • If you’ve got a getaway planned, a leather weekender bag is clutch. This one and this one are both great.