Book Review: The Guest List

Jules runs a successful digital magazine (and a rather tight ship) and Will is the star of an outdoorsy survival tv show. Their wedding on a tiny island off the coast of Ireland is the place to be…until someone is murdered the night of the main event. The perspective alternates between Jules, Johnno (the screw up best man), Hannah (the outsider wife of Jules’ best friend), Aiofe (the wedding planner and owner of the inn where the wedding is held), and Olivia (Jules’ sister and bridesmaid). While you don’t know who has died until the end, it’s clear that each of them have secrets and a motive for some kinds of dark deeds.

I love a good twist but I found this had just a few too many coincidences. It made it less believable, I think? I’ve covered the ones that were most bothersome in a Goodreads review to avoid sharing spoilers here. Overall, though, it was a fun read and ideal for quarantine times.

3 out of 5 stars.

Pair with: A glass of Irish whiskey