My White Privilege

While I had pre-scheduled yesterday’s post, I can’t continue posting today like everything is normal in our country.

Just last week, George Floyd was murdered by police in an act that was distinctly tied to the color of Floyd’s skin. The fact that those tasked with protecting our basic human rights (and who have volunteered to do so) are the ones violating those rights is terrifying. Most terrifying is that it was not an aberration or isolated incident. In February, Ahmaud Arbery was fatally shot without cause, also due to the color of his skin. His murderers were only brought to justice because footage of their crime was unearthed. In March, Breonna Taylor was killed during an unnecessary and improperly executed raid on her home by police who were not wearing body cameras.

It is impossible to ignore this level of injustice. It is injustice that I don’t personally experience as a white woman. It is important – nay, vital – to recognize that privilege. So this is me, recognizing my white privilege and some thoughts on what I plan to do about it. Read more on my medium here.