Supporting Black-Owned Businesses (Mirepoix)

The Mirepoix weekly feature is meant to showcase three things that are making me happy in a week. Often, that’s me showing off a recent purchase or newly discovered brand. This week, I made a point to support black-owned businesses because 1) it’s important to do what we can to shrink the racial wealth gap and 2) black-owned businesses are less likely to survive the pandemic and I’d like to help prevent their shuttering if I can.

I recently discovered The Tiny Tassel through a blogger and it’s just the most perfect shop for me. This Charleston store is filled with bright and fun accessories and clothing. Everything is handmade in a style I can only call “joy.” I just bought two hair clips and two pairs of earrings and have a feeling I’ll be buying more soon. PS – great price point on this stuff.

I love how The Lip Bar is inclusive and intuitive. They don’t just have a bunch of makeup shades, they have a very easy system to figure out what shade you are. Once you figure that out, they suggest products that will look best on you. I’m not what one would call…skilled…when it comes to makeup so this is very helpful for me. I’m also happy to say these products are very reasonably priced and are sold at Target. I actually purchased my lip stain via Target because I want to make sure big box stores continue to carry products like this and know those decisions are based on sales numbers.

I always have personalized stationery on hand because I’m Southern (I always buy from Curio Press) but I don’t always like using that stationery for thank you notes because, well, they don’t say thank you. Nicole Marie Paperie to the rescue! These cards are just my vibe and I love that so many have an NYC flair, like the ones pictured above (which I bought, along with another set of a French bicyclette, complete with baguette, that say “merci beaucoup”).

If you’ve gotten a gift from me in the last 2 years, it probably came from NiLu. This is hands down my favorite store in my neighborhood…one of my absolute faves in NYC, in fact. They’ve got great home goods, a phenomenal selection of coffee table books, and the BEST candle selection. I spend a lotttt of money on candles here. I had discovered Harlem Heirloom at a street fair long before I lived in the neighborhood and when I realized NiLu carried the brand it was essentially “ok there goes my money.”

HOT TIP: There are a couple other people on my radar, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet:

  • I really want several pieces from Yam, but they’re pretty much sold out so now I have to wait.
  • I’m digging the vintage pieces from Emorie Jordan. (Honestly, have you ever seen anything more me than this dress?!?!) Buuuut since I’m quarantined and not really leaving the house, I’ve been trying to keep clothes purchases at bay. We’ll see how long that lasts.