I feel like we’re in one of those give people an inch and they’ll take a mile situations right now. I have family and friends who have simply decided they can’t be fenced in anymore and are hosting/attending 50 person birthday parties and 110 person weddings. Not a mask in sight. NYC entered Phase 2 this week and people are ready to rage now that they’re allowed to dine outside. New York has done an incredible job flattening the curve and seeing major declines in cases and deaths. Georgia, on the other hand is seeing steady increases. I’m just sitting here remaining cautious so we don’t repeat the mistakes of my home state. I don’t think I have much planned for this weekend but the last few no-plan weekends worked out pretty well so I’m hopeful.

My brother in law stumbled upon this sign and snagged it for me – is this not the most perfect thing ever?!?! I can’t wait to hang it up.

Modeling two of my recent purchases (from The Tiny Tassel and Lip Bar, which I mentioned here). I’m obsessed. These earrings are lightweight and even better in person and this lip stain is incredible. It’s long lasting and goes on like velvet – it doesn’t get dry and flaky at all. I’ll definitely be ordering more.

The Africa Center unveiled a new window installation on Juneteenth. I think it’s wonderful that they’re using their prime real estate to promote such a powerful message. While we’re talking Juneteenth, I ran past this museum while doing Chase Tucker’s Juneteenth run on Peloton. I strongly urge you to take this one on demand. It’s incredibly inspiring and you’ll learn something while getting in a great sweat.