The heat has descended upon NYC. I’ve got the AC running constantly and am dying for access to a pool.

At the beginning of quarantine, my Mom sent me an embroidery kit that I hadn’t started because I was intimidated. I finally decided it was time to give it a go and am really enjoying it. I’m not great at it, but it’s the kind of thing you can actually do while watching tv. Maybe I should try knitting next?

Like Washington, DC and other major cities, NYC now has a giant Black Lives Matter mural taking up several blocks of the street. The one here happens to be in my neighborhood so we went to see it this weekend and take part in a peaceful protest/rally. Local artists are each working on a letter and it’s coming together really nicely – it’s very cool to see each unique style emerge. More importantly, it’s just good this mural exists. Things are not quieting down, nor should they.

This was a very different 4th of July. More than just about any other holiday (except Thanksgiving, for me) this one is about hanging with other people. Between the fact that most of our friends have left the city and we’re still taking social distancing pretty seriously, the whole long weekend was spent alone, something that feels very strange on the 4th. We did meet up with some friends from the neighborhood on Saturday to hang in Central Park where we comically spread our blankets apart from the rest of the group. Still, it was nice to see some fresh faces!