PSA: Bad & Boozy

Say hello to one of my new favorite companies, Bad & Boozy. Based in BK, they deliver all over the city and make cocktails, boozy popsicles, jello shots, and booze-infused gummy bears. The flavors are great, the containers fun, and all the branding is on point.

I wanted to try a few of the different container options so I got two pouches (one Guava Island and one Blue Ivy), a lightbulb (in Bey’s Lemonade), and some jello shots (the Champaign Campaign). Every single item was great. My favorite was the Bey’s Lemonade (watermelon lemonade and Hennessy) because it was so refreshing but definitely had a kick.

And can we talk about how great everything looks?! I mean, they back it up with taste, but these products are made for the ‘gram…and I’m not complaining. Especially during times like these where I’m not seeing my friends and family or sitting down at a trendy bar, I need to find my pockets of joy where I can, and the packaging here is quite joyful, right down to the calligraphy on the bag and the gold leaf in the jello shots. We all know you eat with your eyes first, but I guess I drink with mine first too.

It took me a while to get an order slot because they fill up fast and I specifically wanted weekend delivery. That said, I now know these drinks have a good shelf life so I would have no problem getting a Monday delivery for a Saturday drink fest. Ordering is simple: place the order online where the examples on the form make things super clear. They’ll confirm in email and you pay…then just wait for your special day to arrive. The deliveries go out around 2 pm and depending on where you are in the city could take a few hours to get to you, so keep that in mind.

This is great for parties. Can you imagine you and all your friends hanging in Central Park sipping from your disco balls? I can, and it sounds ideal. I also think I might need to get the XL pouch (5 liters) or the fishbowl kit for my next socially distanced hang. But even when it’s just me and my beau hanging on the couch, it’s nice to have something special to sip on. It certainly elevated our movie night!