I think I’m still in a good mood after my Trader Joe’s shopping spree last week. Whatever works, right?

As I rounded the corner on a recent run I could smell burnt rubber. Moments later, I came across the source: this torched mini bus. I haven’t heard any news about it so I don’t know what the story is or believe anyone was harmed. It was an oddly beautiful sight, though.

I went a little wild at TJ’s, but I just couldn’t help myself. It was so nice to stock up on my favorite products that I can’t get elsewhere and to finally get my hands on some new products I’d been reading about. One such new product is the cauliflower jalapeƱo dip. Wow. Don’t worry, it’s not spicy, but it is amazing. Such great flavor and not too unhealthy. It’s a new go-to.

Last week I showed of the beginnings of my embroidery craft and I’m now excited to show off the finished product. This was such a fun project! Once you know how to do a particular stitch, you really can kinda zone out so it’s an ideal activity while watching tv or listening to a podcast.