Zucchini Pappardelle with Pesto and Burrata

Two things make this pesto pasta special. The first is that it’s not pasta at all. It’s zucchini that’s been shaved into ribbons to form a pappardelle style noodle. The second is that it’s topped with burrata. I’m not saying you’ll confuse zoodles with pasta – I give you far more credit than that – but I am saying that when it’s topped with high quality pesto and the heaven-sent manna that is burrata, you won’t care.

This takes mere minutes to throw together. First shave 3 zucchinis with a vegetable peeler. Once I got down to the seed-filled core, I stopped because I’m guessing that will release even more water than this veggie already does. Set the zucchini ribbons aside. Then start blistering cherry tomatoes. Just let em go in a saucepan til they start getting wrinkly or burst. You could slow roast the tomatoes in the oven and they would taste great…but I didn’t have time for that. When they look done, add your zucchini ribbons and enough pesto to cover everything. You’ll only need a minute or two here. Just enough time to get the zucchini soft but not so much that they start releasing too much water, which would just make this dish soupy. Top with some flaky salt and burrata. Serves 4-6.

When it comes to doctoring up pesto, I normally just think of adding some extra parm or maybe some cream. But let me tell ya, burrata is where it’s at.

Cutting into burrata is one of the most satisfying things EVER