Sriracha-Lime Corn Salad

For a recent Taco Tuesday side I was ready for something a bit healthier. I didn’t need a creamy slaw or carb-heavy rice. This corn salad does the trick.

This is just a slight variation of recipes I’ve posted before, using this one as my guide. Basically, you sauté corn. Fresh is great, but I used a frozen roasted variety. When it’s almost warmed all the way through, add a diced bell pepper. The recipe calls for red, but I actually like how the green looks against the yellow and since corn is already sweet, you won’t need to rely on the bell pepper for that. Sauté another two minutes and coat with sriracha – base that amount on your spice tolerance. Remove from heat, squeeze a lime all over it, and toss with queso fresco and cilantro if you like cilantro.

This was a great 5 minute hit of a recipe. It’s got some heat but it’s a bit different than expected since it comes from sriracha instead of Mexican hot sauce. And that crunch of the bell pepper is great – that’s what makes this feel like a salad. I wanted a healthier but still flavorful side and I’d say this was mission accomplished.