Greek Lamb Bowls (Slow Cooker)

For our latest Thursday Bowl Night, I was inspired by souvlaki. In the end, I think I veered a bit away from the specific souvlaki profile, but the flavor of the meat (and all the accoutrements) was distinctly Greek. Since we had just returned from our Greek vacay this time last year, it was perfect.

I went a bit crazy in the seasoning department, but the result was perfect. Also, since all the flavor will be in the meat itself, you’ll be able to scoop the large chunks out and basically pour the remaining broth down the drain. No bits of onion or tomatoes floating around that cause frustration to all of us who love to prepare slow cooker meals but aren’t fortunate enough to have a garbage disposal.

The star of this bowl is lamb, something I never cook. That’s about to change because this was so simple, thanks to the crock pot. I used 1 lb lamb stew meat (serves 2-3) so it was already cut into perfect chunks. Full transparency, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I’d never used this cut of meat or made lamb in a slow cooker so I just guessed. I also guessed when it came to spices and seasoning. I looked at a few different recipes and took a little ‘o this, a little ‘o that…and then basically pulled everything from my spice cabinet, as you can see above. I tossed the lamb with salt, pepper, cumin*, pinch of cinnamon* (seems weird but adds that hint of something), cardamom*, pepper flakes, paprika, parsley, turmeric*, and sumac*. Then I covered with a bit of chicken stock, added three cloves of garlic* (whole or lightly smashed), and a bay leaf*. Do you need alllll of this? Maybe not, but it worked. I’ve put an asterisk (*) by those I feel were most important. I cooked on high for 4 hours and then switched to warm. While it chilled on the warm setting, I added a half lemon into the broth. When you remove it from the slow cooker, it should shred up beautifully. Now for everything else. I served over brown rice and offered up Greek olives (pitted and halved), feta, lemon tahini, cucumbers, quick-pickled red onion, and Greek yogurt for toppings.

The toppings required very little prep and all worked really well. My beau typically only uses one or two of the many toppings I always set out on bowl night, but this time he used every single one. That right there is a testament to how well they complement the meal.