Spam and Eggs

Musubi or rice bowls like this will be my #1 Spam dish forevs, but I wanted to try something a bit different this weekend so I made the next most popular spam dish: spam and eggs. Most recipes I found added rice, but I like the idea of focusing on the eggs here and made this like a true scramble.

Note: I used the lower sodium Spam this time and didn’t notice a difference so I’ll probably buy that from now on. It’s still nowhere near healthy, but it must be an improvement of sorts.

First, cube up a can of Spam and sauté in a non-stick pan til the sides get nice and golden brown. I added no oil or seasoning here. You won’t need it. When that’s done, set the Spam aside and use the pan to scramble up some eggs with cracked pepper. As the eggs start to firm up, fold in bits of cream cheese. When everything is done, slide the eggs onto a plate, top with fresh chives, black sesame seeds, and the Spam.

I served mine with a nice slice of buttery challah. It’s the perfect accompaniment. This meal is a salty one so it’s nice to have the slightly sweet bread on the side.