Rosh Hashanah was this weekend and I’m a little disappointed I didn’t push myself to really observe. I did make a nice meal on Friday evening, but it was just hard to get motivated to pray without family nearby or a synagogue service to attend in person. In fact, I found it tough to motivate myself to do much of anything last week/weekend. It wasn’t just Rosh Hashanah – I struggled to work out and basically phoned it in when it came to exercising. And I was so lazy about [business] work that I spent 3 hours on Saturday finishing up things I should have accomplished during the week. This week, I’ve been determined to get back on track. From cleaning the apartment to making sure I attend virtual Yom Kippur services in a few days – time to get after it!

We rented a car on Sunday which meant a trip to Trader Joe’s was in order. Of course I got myself nice and stocked up on goodies, but I also made sure to get some of their flowers. They usually have such a great selection for an incredible price. And It’s made me so happy having some fall florals on the coffee table this week.

It seems everyone went apple picking this weekend and we were no exception. Did I feel like a basic b? Yes, but there’s a reason these activities are so popular. It felt like a true heralding of the fall season and was a great activity we could do while maintaining social distance.

I picked up some pumpkins while apple picking and made myself a nice little centerpiece. I was really feelin the white look.