Honey Jalapeño Tahini Salmon

The problem with ordering groceries online is the whole weight thing. A lot of the produce is sold by weight vs. unit…and since something like a jalapeño is super light, you get about 6 with even the minimum weight option. Well, I only needed ONE jalapeño for my Taco Tuesday recipe but wanted to waste as little as possible so I figured out a way to incorporate the spicy lil pepper into Monday’s marinade.

Pre- and post-roasting

All the recipes I found that combined jalapeño and tahini also used cilantro and lime. Well I wasn’t looking to have those flavors in this meal. They’re great…just totally wrong for the side dish I had planned. Time to make something up on the fly.

Simply mix tahini with garlic powder, 1/3 minced jalapeño, and a squirt of honey. Add water and avocado/olive oil til it reaches the right consistency. Spread over salmon filets with some salt…and maybe drizzle over some carrots too – it’ll all go into the oven together so you got yourself a one pan meal. Split up the remainder of the jalapeño, removing ribs and seeds, and toss on the pan. Roast at 400 for 20-25 minutes.

This combo may not have been on any recipe sites, but it totally worked. The honey tames the spice of the sauce, but it’s also nice to have a little kick when it comes to tahini. And roasting the jalapeño gave it some really great flavor – you’ll be happy you threw it on the pan when you cut it up and eat it with your salmon. Not just a cute garnish, my friends. Moral of the story: don’t just keep jalapeños on hand for tacos because it turns out they’re far more versatile than I thought.